Right - Funny Royals Again

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jennyjoan | 13:47 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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No I can't seem to find "new" if ever this one.

However I never saw much of the old funny ones - would they be on again some channel. I really missed out on that as I love Harry Enfield and Co.


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sorry i must have missed something..
The Windsors
Try the channel 'Dave' They have lots of re runs of old shows.
I think jenny has already said it's not The Windsors but i sounds like that to me
JJ said the new one she was looking for wasn't the Windsors but has asked above about the one with Harry Enfield.

The Windsors.
Okay, thanks. At least I wasn't the only one puzzled by this
It's been a very confusing day all round.
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sorry for confusing you all - but I have managed to confuse myself - what's new Pussycat. Yes Dave is a channel I never look at but will tune in now. Thanks AL.
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Just advertised on MTV - The Royal World - 7th November on MTV.

Told you I would let you know. G'night guys. x

Glad you've found it JJ.

Did anyone else get married recently?
On AB or in the Royal Family?
Im sure it was that son of a Nigerian chief that sent me an email telling me that I had won the Nigerian lottery last week.
That'll be him aye.
Just as I thought.
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I just wanted to BUMP this up as I had posted quite late night Sat night.
Not a Channel I have access to JJ, hope you enjoy it.
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I've never seen the funny royals before so would like to see it this time round.

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Right - Funny Royals Again

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