Dr. Who Another Victim Of 'equal Opportunities'?

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AuntLydia | 19:43 Sun 07th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Good grief that was awful. I knew she would be irritating having watched her cringe worthy interviews pre Dr. Who but....? tonight's episode should have stunned, should have been yeh this is a good move'. No. Dr. Who should not be gender specific -it is an alien FFS, not a northern lass with a 'gob on'. So what will be her USP? A sonic tampon? god help the Daleks should they meet her 'at her time of the month' annihilation . Could be interesting. We have been avid Dr' Who fans forever. First episode this series 4/10... could do better.


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I read the OP and knew it was tongue in cheek and can't understand why some others didn't !! AL is as entitled to her opinion as anyone on here is and I can't understand some of the nastiness, par for the course on here I suppose. I personally do not like a female Dr. Who and couldn't care less what anybody thinks of that. Mind you I've not been a fan of Dr. Who for a while...
14:33 Mon 08th Oct 2018
AL your reply is gness is too ironic to take seriously
Rather rough and common......
Ha ha ha, oh dear, oh dear. This place is hilarious at times.
Question Author
Spicerack I know, some people take life far too seriously.
Is this the point where I post that I'm entitled to my opinion?.. ;-)
I think the OP is funny and not inaccurate.
I found the OP a bit tasteless even if it was meant to be humourous. But that's probably "just me". And my age.
No, I've not watched the program in question.
Thanks for BA Aunt ......
I take it the best answer is being ironic!
Perhaps we should all run our OP's through a panel of judges for approval before starting a thread.
17:24 NO idea.
It is a nice children's TV programme.
I am puzzled, certainly, notwithstanding any ‘irony’ that may have been attempted, that the most vociferous opposition to the new Doctor Who being a woman should come from women.

From the totally unreconstructed knuckles-trailing-behind-them men, fair enough, or at least predictable enough, but the female anti-woman chorus sounds suspiciously like turkeys voting for Christmas.

scuse me bainbrig, I am female!
//female anti-woman chorus//


Am I on the right thread?
Is thT not gender unequality to say only women can slate women? ;0P
I don't watch it myself, but this said the launch had the highest viewing figures for ten years.
Which was probably the aim.
Question Author
of course it had the highest rating in years, this was a 'first'! the ratings mid season will be more pertinent I think.
Yes- will be interesting to see if it changes.
spathi. Your comment “Is thT not gender unequality to say only women can slate women? ;0P” - was drink taken?

I suppose turkeys aren’t the only farmyard fowl who you rarely find casting their vote for Christmas; ducks, too, aren’t well-known for making their ‘X’ in the ‘Bring it on’ box.

I once knew a goose who got very nervous at the word ‘stuffing’.


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Dr. Who Another Victim Of 'equal Opportunities'?

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