1970S Tv Synthesiser Music

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David H | 22:26 Wed 26th Sep 2018 | Media & TV
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This is a synthesiser tune from the 70s, originally used as background music on BBC or ITV schools programmes and then became a signature tune. This was as close as I could remember of it. anyone remember a programme it was on?


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Is it this one?

Sounds to me like something Jean-Michel Jarre may have done but can't directly link it to either Oxygene or Equinox.
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It's not Popcorn or Jean Michel Jarre. It wasn't released but was TV background music and a signature tune around the early 70s. That part was the closest I could remember.
Lots of bits (from the 9 minute album version) of Autobahn by Kraftwerk were used for schools and 'normal' TV progs...just a thought.
Tomorrow's world its oxygen by Jean Michel jarre
Tomorrow's world its oxygen by Jean Michel jarre isn't it?

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1970S Tv Synthesiser Music

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