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jad2jad | 10:50 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | Media & TV
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no 6 Charity for smart minds.....3 6 5 no7 Falling bundles …..3 4 4


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7 Davina mcall ?
Number 7 - The Long Drop.
6 wa sfrom teh 1940s.
these seem quite starightforward so far and you do have until December. Maybe you should just ask for hints at this stage

Raising money for First Responders, grab a copy to while away the coming months.
You have asked 4 out of the first 8 and there is a long time to go with this quiz
anybody got number 49 whose clue is "Keeping the words in mind" 5 6 3 7
49 Don't forget the lyrics
7. The 100k drop
so when did lyrics have seven letters sadie
^ and does the apostrophe in DON'T count as one of the 5 letters?
49 should read Don't forget the lyrics!
Front page of the quiz states.......Punctuation counts as a character including question marks or dashes where appropriate.....hope that answers the queries
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Tv Qiuz And Games Shows

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