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andy-hughes | 09:58 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | Media & TV
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I know I am a decade or so behind, but I never watched this when it was on the first time around.

I have decided to avail myself of Channel 5's re-runs starting with Episode One, and I am really enjoying it. The only downside for me is Phoebe, who's weirdness I find distracting, but maybe the character will grow on me.

Anyone else watching for the first time - or re-watching and enjoying again?


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She'll grow on you. I watched the first time round and it's the kind of programme I can happily watch repeats.
I read your post and wondered about the ‘decade’. I have just googled to find that it was first broadcast in 1994.....oh my word!!
I did watch many episodes and found Phoebe to be a tad irritating but often hilarious.
I caught a short segment at the weekend. Matt Le Blanc looked about 12!!
And I thought I'd come to it late, and that was a few years back ;-)
It's a decent comedy, but there are other similar ones from the States too.
Phoebe's fine. Helps to create a variable bunch of friends.
My "millennial" daughter has been a fan since she was have I. When she came for a visit 2 weeks ago, we watched endless episodes on Netflix. It was good fun. Yes, Phoebe is weird, but she balances out the yuppies.
Always been a fan of Friends, never tire of it. It still makes me chuckle and I love Phoebe, but Chandler is my favourite.
I think it was about season 3... My Brother was watching it... I may have even said you're not seriously watching this bilge are you, I can't remember what it were but started watching and just gave a little chortle and another and another... I have liked the show since but not being watching the repeats on channel 5.
Granddaughter (14) has started watching and loves it. Problem is she expects me to remember episodes from the 80s.
So Andy, how you doin'? ;-)

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