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lankeela | 18:14 Fri 07th Sep 2018 | Media & TV
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Help I am dogsitting for a friend and cannot for the life of me get any sense out of the tv! There are two remote controls, I remember them saying you switch it on with one and then choose what you watch with the other - they have Sky - so any ideas which buttons I press to get basic ITV - it keeps coming up saying 'No Signal' with a countdown of five minutes - did a couple of times go onto the channel at the bottom of the screen but said 'no information' then after a few seconds goes back to 'No Signal'. Any ideas?


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switch both machines on and source the telly 'till you find a pic... the remote for the telly will most likely have the manufacturer's name on...then use the other remote to tune the sky box to a channel
Oh dear I had this problem once while looking after pets for my son , thought I would have a look what sky was like . Could not even get the TV switched on !!! Sorry no help.
With mine, I press the TV remote's On button, then press AV to access Sky, then put in the channel number I want on the Sky remote.
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That means nothing to me - I have pressed every button on both remotes and can't get anywhere.
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Cloverjo have tried that but it keeps going back to saying no signal and the five minute count down.
switch telly on..then look on telly remote for a button marked AV or source... switch sky box on...using either AV or source button whichever is there press 'till the telly tunes into the sky box
Have you got bad weather where you are at the moment? We sometimes get that message during heavy rain.

You could try the old standby of turning everything off at the mains and on again.
Your post suggests that the wrong input is selected for the TV. (i.e. it's looking for a signal from an aerial, or similar, when it should be taking the output from the Sky box).

Make sure you know which remote is which.

Turn the TV on. (I'm assuming that the Sky box is on by default. If not, make sure that's turned on too).

On the remote control for the TV, look for a 'Source' button. It might be labelled 'Source', 'Src', 'Input' or something similar but it's usually marked by a rounded rectangle with an arrow pointing into it, like this: . Press that button.

You'll now see a menu offering options such as 'DTV', 'Scart', 'HDMI1'. (The exact labels vary across different TV models). Use the Up and Down buttons to move between those options. The one you want is probably something like 'HDMI1' but it doesn't really matter. Just go through the available options until a picture appears. When it does, press the 'OK' or 'Select' button to confirm the option. (It's often the biggest button on the remote control).

From then on that remote control should only be used to turn the TV set on or off (and possibly to control the volume). Use the other (Sky) remote control to change channels.
as a decision tree - BC's work down is ... good and should work.
well spotted that - no signal - showed the machines were working but wrongly set ( 'I have pressed every button more than once)

once you are there, just flip the TV one on and off and leave SKY
Text your friend.
yep listen to chico the most important button is source/input in the remote for the TV etc, if it's sky you'll probably want HDMI 1/2/3 depending on how they wired up the TV.
Try this with the Sky remote:

Press TV then Help.

If the Sky remote has been programmed for the tv, then this will change the input source on the tv.

If the first press of Help doesn't brung up the right channel, press it again until it does.

Remember to rpess Sky to turn the remote back into controling the Sky box.
Use the TV remote to select the correct source. You want whatever the Sky gubbins is plugged into. Then use the Sky remote to select the desired channel, ITV I assume.
Are they both plugged in?

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