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I think Ian Hyland has made the same point I made earlier - 'celebrities' with the necessary pull for attractive television are already exercising that pull elsewhere, and do not have the time to commit to this show - given that it is hardly a career-enhancing experience, if you have anything of a career still in operation.
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I think Andy had it spot on, in his post at 15.45 yesterday.
Yes, Andy is right, Jordyboy.
Of course Andy is correct plus the fact that all the professional dancers are very physically attractive which adds to the chemistry.
The pool of celebs willing to participate will inevitably be almost finite, so when it's more or less used up, the standards have to be lowered if the programme is to continue.
Jordy - // Andy you do spout some rubbish ,do you read what you write before pressing answer now? //

Always - do you?
Of the five I recognise this year, I'll only be watching for Danny John-Jules as I'm a big Red Dwarf fan. However when I have watched some shows in the past you do sometimes get some surprises and laughs.

Thanks for the warning.
I have never understood what the attraction is in this programme, yet millions of people watch it. Am I alone in not finding it remotely interesting?

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