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jakep | 22:32 Wed 15th Aug 2018 | Media & TV
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Firstly, I apologise profusely for watching and recording this day time soap!
So a character is locked into a car boot and the vehicle pushed into the dock.
When the car is raised from the water there is no body in the boot.
Character stumbles into home and has a hot drink!
For Funks Sake this is pushing belief even at this level.
Just saying......


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No, it actually happened.
Were they even wet ?
he found the boot opened from the inside, after all the car was a Brit one and the boot not that secure.
Question Author
Yes Mamya, still soggy when on the home sofa !!!

Secure from the outside, however a lot of cars nowadays are fitted with an emergency boot release.
Question Author
From the inside Baldric?!
Designers must watch a lot of crime on tv :-)

Yep, on the inside ;o)

I think it was about 2002/2003 theb regulations came in, but not sure how far reaching they were.
Question Author
Thank you Tony and Baldric. Guess the baddies don’t know that ;-)
I thought he broke through the back of the boot to the body of the car and swam out through the front door that was open. On second thoughts surely the water pressure would have pushed the door shut, so, no I can't work that out. but I love this series and would watch it rather than any other soap.
Missed last Mon episode. How was Tony Doyle set up?

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