Denzel Washington On The One Show...

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janzman | 19:34 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Media & TV
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...30 minutes and they never mentioned my top Denzel movie...
...Crimson Tide... with the utterly brilliant Gene Hackman...IMHO


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The problem is that there are so many great Denzel movies ...
He is consistently very good x
That would be lovely ummmm as we are of at the end of the month if she is well enough to travel 7 weeks of lovely sea and sunshine will do her the world of good,just look for a Jeff Chandler look a like.XX
Sorry for that kindle going mad or me having a senior moment
I saw this and thought Denzil was thoroughly entertaining. Programme should and could have been longer.
I agree with Ellipsis.

That's the only time I have sat and watched that programme in its entirety.

A very nice man, a mighty fine actor and if he was to read the telephone directory, I'd sit and listen :-D

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Denzel Washington On The One Show...

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