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lankeela | 11:27 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Media & TV
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I was on the phone so not concentrating but thought they were all feeling and rubbing Jack's right leg in the hospital bed - but when Kevin went in after the op they had removed his left one!


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He is going to be in the remake of My left foot, I thought that it was his right foot as well, but they did some weird angle shots.
They were feeling the difference between the good/bad legs.
As he was wheeled away the shot showed that the toes on his left foot had turned black.

/// after the op they had removed his left one! ///

Well, we all make mistakes !
Maybe it's another one of Corrie's storylines imitating real life? We've all read of overworked hospital staff amputating the wrong limbs. :-)
many hospitals HAVE removed the wrong legs and kidneys,now the procedure is they mark with a sterile marker pen which "items" are to be removed
Is Jack going to die? I can't see how they can keep the character in with one leg, he's not like Don Brennan who came in to the soap with a false leg and a limp
I wondered that hc.....

It's not as if he can be shunted off to his Mum's family to recuperate and asking a young child to take on the role of an amputee may be stretching his acting skills a little far.
I think Jack will die, Kevin will be devastated (naturally), Sally will offer comfort and support and they get back together.
Tim gets back with Eileen.
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You mean they didn't actually remove it?
Thought Don Brennan's leg was damaged when he tried to commit suicide in his taxi, back in the day? Or have i dreamt up a new plot for the scriptwriters.
No you are right Ken, the ampuation was after the accident
I'd forgotten that. Thanks, Ken
They will probably mention of a few hospital appointments to get his new leg fitted and he will be as right as rain!

They will then only speak of it once a year, like David's epilepsy, Hopes Cancer, ect ect.

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Corrie - Which Leg

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