More Reliable (Inc Battery Life)Iphone

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Cmitchell | 10:10 Sun 01st Jul 2018 | Media & TV
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Hi folks!
Hubby and I are going to change iphones (can't afford new & not moving away from iphones) We don't want the huge ones so we're thinking either iPhone 7 or iPhone SE. Already spotted two reasonably priced iPhone SEs which are 64 gig. Your thoughts please? Experiences? Knowledge of battery reliability??? Many many thanks in advance!!!! Much appreciated AB folks! Cheers Mitchell x


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I run a 6S and manage a 6 for a non-techie friend - both very good and 32gig is enough for most purposes.

Battery life varies with use (obviously) but even with a lot of use (and an Apple Watch making demands) they both easily last a full day.

The 6 was bought from Mighty Deals (as a ‘refurb’) for around £125 and was as good as new (but with no charger just a lightning cable) - you might want to look at their website (sorry can’t do a link on my iPad).
I have had an iPhone 6 for 2 years and runs fine, 32 gigs. I had a new battery put in a few weeks ago that cost me 29 euros at the Apple store and lasts easily all day or more. I may soon need to get the camera fixed as it loses focus sometimes, but I have been quoted only 50 odd euros for a new one, so no big deal.
I have a 7 and it will last at least 2 days from a full charge with moderate use (bit of surfing, few texts, 2 or 3 calls), especially if you use the low power mode.

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More Reliable (Inc Battery Life)Iphone

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