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bobbie22 | 20:49 Tue 12th Jun 2018 | Media & TV
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Does one need knowledge of medicine to understand Holby City tonight?


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No, not really.
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Am completely los mamalynne
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I don't think we need to know what the procedures are, it's more about the people and how they are interacting together.

That's clumsy but the best I can do really.
I don't think you do, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing.
the trial is a bit confusing and I don't like the gaskell character .
He's a wrong 'un for sure.
I agree, I have never liked him. I hope Jac is ok.
Me too, she's one of the best characters in the show.
Basically the F1 has found things in Gaskell's notes that aren't being written up in the trial papers to make the trials look good. Jac is in danger! Well that's how I see it anyway.
From the look on Jac's face at the end she suspects there is something fishy going on
Do you think she'll go through with it?
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I think it was when I saw the notes I wondered how I was supposed to understand what was going on. I am a Holby fan, and have watched since the beginning. It doesn't help that I am having trouble hearing what is being said either.

Bobbie, I think the notes were shown to allow the viewer see that the F1 was seeing a match in all those that died in the trial and that the same reports were coming from the e-mail from North African consultant who was taking advice from GaskIll :) a good typo for her there, it's just showing all the symptoms add up and he's threatening her career now cos he knows she could pull the plug - she's too clever for him
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Thanks ducksie.
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At least when I watch it next week, I will understand what's going on. Think it's on Monday next week??
Bobbie it is on Wednesday 20th at 8.00 next week.

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