Phelan In The Shed

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lankeela | 14:10 Tue 29th May 2018 | Media & TV
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How did Sarah know there was something in the locked shed? She only walked up as the other bloke was leaving.


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She could tell Gary had something to hide.
I'll be glued to teh set this week for Corrie but I do find the storyline frustrating. Why doesn't Gary just tell the police where Phelan is now? Clearly that doesn't happen as we know he kills again this week.
Why doesn't Sarah just tell the police?
Maybe Gary locks Sarah in there with him
She is not very bright, got preggers at school, got involved with a druggy, and now with a psycho but she can tell when he is hiding something in his shed which has appeared from nowhere.
Plus Gary drove from Wales to Manchester in under 30 minutes :-)
And now little Jack is gonna set him free!
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Do we know who Phelan is going to kill? Thought last night's so called cliff hanger was a real let down, only last few seconds were really about him.
Thought it was a brilliant piece of acting from Jack Shepherd
Yes, Jack was good last night in the police station.
Yes, it has been reported on here who Phelan will kill (someone who seems unrelated to Phelan's past) but I don't want to spil it- and maybe the rumour was incorrect anyway
Jack Shepherd has shone in the rape storyline.
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Maybe its Nicola, and then Gary and Sarah will bring up the sprog.
Up to now 'Phelan In The Shed' isn't as exciting as 'spider in the bath'

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Phelan In The Shed

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