Mrs Brown And Peter Kayes New Programmes

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Mags22 | 14:15 Wed 23rd May 2018 | Media & TV
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What did viewers think of these? Mrs Brown didn't raise a titter from us, and Peter Kaye's was dead boring.


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Well, Mrs Brown, I have never found funny. Kaye has his moments in the early standups and phoenix nights but he's gone a bit wrank lately too.
Ive never seen Mrs Browns programme. Someone told me its very tacky so I didnt bother.
I am a huge fan of Peter Kaye I think he is brilliant and I enjoyed Car Share again even though I had already seen it. The last two episodes are repeated again next weekend, for me he can do no wrong!
Don't forget the brand new episode, bank holiday Monday!
I have given Mrs Brown a go in the past, I must be missing something as its not got anything about it to raise even a wry smirk at how bad it is.
I really like Peter Kaye but have missed his latest offerings so will keep an eye out for it.

It just goes to show the depths to which the BBC is prepared to go in scraping the barrel to fill a slot.
time to let AB loose on the Beeb then.....marval and patsy as the stand-ups.....
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I agree with Baldric - OH says if we weren't pensioners and had to pay for our licence he'd want our money back!
You dont have to pay for a licence because you are pensioners? How does that work?
They hide, when he comes a calling.
I can't stand Mrs. Browns Boys and I have never understood why people find Peter Kaye funny either. I always thought it was just me, that I was missing something so its good to know I'm not the only one!
I just wish that the BBC would ditch these old shows and come up with something new and original for a change.
Oi t'ink Brendan fancies that he's sending subliminal subversive messages to the downtrodden in the old country to rise up against the Papacy.

What he's managed is a tired old ragbag of cliché, slapstick and swearing with the only saving grace of having two attractive young things about it.
Georgiesmum if your 75 or over you don't have to pay and it also says if your 74 you can get a short term one to cover until you're 75 ,sorry I can't do links but google tv licence concessions.
"I just wish that the BBC would ditch these old shows and come up with something new and original for a change."
Car share, series 1, 6 episodes. Series 2, 4 episodes. 2 one -off episodes. Hardly qualifies as an "old show". I think it qualifies as "new and original" also. I can't think of any thing similar.
I love it's gentle humour, looking out for the "sight" gags (shop names, road signs, messages on vans etc) If you don't like it, fine by me, but an honest criticism would be welcome!
I can't comment on Mrs Brown's boys, I don't watch it.
Just being pedantic but why is are posters spelling Peter Kay with an e?
why is are? :-))
To Sipowicz..
Car Share first broadcast in 2015 so 3 years old. Mrs Browns Boys first broadcast in 2011 so 7 years old. That is what I meant by old shows. I am not saying that they are not popular with a lot of people, they are just not my cup of tea. I dont find Peter Kaye funny in anything so would prefer him to stick to stand up so that he is not on TV at all.

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Mrs Brown And Peter Kayes New Programmes

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