Dear Bbc, You Have Destroyed The Simon Mayo Show On Bbc Radio 2

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vernonk | 17:50 Tue 22nd May 2018 | Media & TV
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Does anyone on here really prefer it now? I cannot believe Simon Mayo wanted this to happen to his previously brilliant show. It is totally boring now. Jo Whiley, please do the decent thing and quit, so we can enjoy drivetime again.


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Totally agree, J W has taken over and Simon Mayo is just a passenger. The BBC just cannot stop tinkering with their programmes, if it has a winning formula they will surely destroy it.
17:56 Tue 22nd May 2018
Totally agree, J W has taken over and Simon Mayo is just a passenger. The BBC just cannot stop tinkering with their programmes, if it has a winning formula they will surely destroy it.
We must all worship at the altar of gender balance, entertainment is a distant second.
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Even his delivery of Confessions is not what it was now because Whiley keeps bloomin interrupting with inane comments which he’s clearly been told to welcome. I see she has top billing over him too - it’s the Jo Whiley & Simon Mayo Show. Pathetic PC BBC. R2 boss Lewis Carnie should be sacked for this
I did suggest when this was announced - and 'gender balance' was used as the reason, that it would not work.

The show now resembles the nice cup of tea you used to enjoy, but someone has dropped a fag end in it. You can still get the cup of tea, but you can't not taste the ash, so you have to give up the tea altogether.
I loved the Simon Mayo Show. Never have liked Jo Whiley and know am not alone. I listened once and never again!
The problem is, and I pointed this out when the change was announced, is that this is not a change for programming reasons, it's a change for 'diversity' reasons.

Jo Wiley is not there because Simon Mayo wants or needs a co-presenter, she is there because the BBC has decided that they need more women in mainstream programmes.

That is not a valid reason to thrust together two people who have individual audiences, in the flawed assumption that each individual audience will enjoy the two of them together.

Their individual audiences will not tune in - Wiley's because she is at home in an evening / specialist environment, and Mayo's because his approach is terminally hampered by having a 'co-host' with whom he is clearly not comfortable.

It was a bad idea, and hopefully the decision makers will bit the bullet, admit it was a bad idea, and go back to the previous set-up, which worked perfectly well and did not need changing.
Apart from Huey Morgan, Johnny Walker and the odd dose of Tony Blackburn, I turned away from Radio2 a few years ago; much too banal now. I see we've now got Sara Cox on umpteen nights a week at 10pm till midnight. :((((
Captain2 - Changing programmes and presenters is a vital aspect of any network.

Sara Cox has a proven late-night demographic, so the change makes sense.

Putting her on with Steve Wright would not make sense, except in 'diversity target' terms - but don't rule it out!
Completely agree. What was a funny, entertaining show, especially Matt guffawing in the background, has now become a boring embarrassment. We listened to about half an hour of the first show and switched off. Tried again the following day and again switched off. The final nail in the coffin was the change of 'that song' n all request Friday! How many listeners must have been disgusted with that decision?
A petition has been started, and you never know, it's always worth a try
I don't dislike Jo Whiley, but I have to agree.

The show is now a car crash.

They both obviously resent the other being there.

Please BBC, do something now.
Petition signed...thank you...x
I listen to Ken Bruce that’s it. Can’t stand anyone else anymore.

Both SM and JW are ok individually from what I remember of them, have not heard the new programme for the simple reason we don't have Radio 2 on at all nowadays. Magic, Capital and Heart serve us well enough.
No problem gness, the more the merrier.
Got to agree...Couldn't say Mayo was a favourite but at least tolerable. The only ones that I look for these days are Liza Tarbuck, Johnnie Walker, Huey Morgan, Trevor Nelson and Bob Harris when he gets a chance, and the odd country music show that is on. Ken Bruce is fine Paul Gambaccini does a job as, does Steve Wright any time except Friday afternoons with his car crash cockin about. This week I recommissioned my ipod to substitute the odious Ross and cannot stand, the up his own, Vine and his manipulated pc messages. They even let Graham Norton mince his way all over the airwaves. Lawd help us.
Craig Charles is also worth my time.
The problem is, the BBC is not good at admitting it has got something wrong, so we will wait a good while before this is fixed - maybe the inevitable serious loss of listeners will make them think again.
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Can anyone on here find listening figures for the new show compared to the old show? I’d also like to know how many listeners Sounds Of The 60s gets on Saturdays from 8-10am, and how many then switch off for Dermot O’Dreary
... and when are they going to realise Steve Wright is past his sell by date?
Sell by Date?

I never thought Steve Wright had reached his "best before date!"

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Dear Bbc, You Have Destroyed The Simon Mayo Show On Bbc Radio 2

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