The Chase.

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Sqad | 17:58 Wed 16th May 2018 | Media & TV
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OMG...imagine being married to THAT woman....wittering and giggling after every sentence.
Poor husband of 34 years.....34 YEARS!


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Here Sqad - when the Chaser gets it wrong I can't fathom what happens - is there another "life" given to the player.
lol poor mrs sqad lol
Question Author you mean in the final?
If so the question goes back to the team and if they get it right, the Chaser is pushed back one, but if they get it wrong or don't know, then the scores remain the same.

Voltage......she's a lucky woman ;-)
No I don't mean the final - you know when the player and the Chaser have to pick the answer from the 3 answers - what happens when the Chaser gets it wrong.
Question Author
Right....the score remains as it is.
I don't think that that's fair - think another "life" should be given to the player.

But that's neither here or nor there. LOL
We all have our cross to bear.
It is like a life to the player though, they are both climbing down a ladder, when the chaser gets it wrong they don't step down a rung.
Maybe she was nervous
well ok Prudie - that's fair enough - I've been watching for ages and still couldn't work what was happening there.
Have you got a link please? I missed it today. x
I was watching some of that new quiz " Hard ball" or whatever it was called..

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The Chase.

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