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gollob | 17:31 Wed 16th May 2018 | Media & TV
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Do normal people when they go away looking for dust behind the radiator or on the light fittings. Then look down the plughole in the shower. Even shelves too big or wardrobes too small. Then mark people down because certain items were not on the menu.


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It's a TV Show, it's done for the Camera.
Course not, but they haven't got a film crew and director prodding them in to finding fault - makes for good tv, apparently
Although I do shine a light in the mattress seams before I unload the car.
But they are not normal people they are fellow B&B owners who want to draw in business so they are going to show up as much as they can
lol i read the title ..then islays name ...thought that sounds good x
Lol voltage you naughty man
Maybe B&B owners do that whenever they stay somewhere else.

I don't think other people bother fussing about in corners or under mattresses. I don't anyway.
Just for a laugh and emulating Four In A Bed, I ran my hand over the top of a hotel wardrobe and about a year's worth of dust fell on my head.
I've only ever complained once at an hotel it was really grubby ,the carpets looked like they had never seen a vacuum and don't get me started on the bed cover stains ugh! the mattress looked prewar lol ,they did sort it all out .if that had been on four in a bed the people would have a field day and instead of paying anything would have wanted paying for staying there .
It’s a competition, that’s the clue !

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