The Queen And David Attenborough Tonight At 9Pm

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anthro-nerd | 15:43 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | Media & TV
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Genuinely can't wait to watch this!!

"THE QUEEN’S GREEN PLANET is a brand new documentary about the Queen’s plans to create a global network of forests. She will be joined by Sir David Attenborough in the one part ITV special."


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I think it will be brilliant !
Question Author
Me too!!!!!!

Two golden oldies!
It does look interesting indeed.
I'm looking forward to it - two old dears have a wander and a chat, what's not to like
Recording this...should be good !
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I saw a gorgeous kingfisher when I was there
The Sundial moment is good.
There’s been a couple of excerpts from the programme shown over the last few days. They’ve been very funny. Looking forward to the programme tonight.
Have me sent to the Tower if you like, but I thought it was a bit boring and Sir Dave a toadying sycophantic
At least it wasn’t grovelling Alan Titmarsh. The inevitable day he gets knighted will be a sad one
Thoroughly enjoyed the programme.
Great programme!
//I thought it was a bit boring and Sir Dave a toadying sycophantic //

Aren't they all. That's what puts me off these programmes. (I have recorded it but I haven't watched it yet. I've a feeling that for that very reason - toadying sycophancy - I might not make it to the end).
That will bring great pleasure to the people using food banks.
Whatever has it got to do with food banks?

I rather enjoyed was a gentle, and yes...slow moving...documentary.
Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the trailers. The conversations between the Queen and David A. were so stilted and forced - the only bit that seemed natural was about moving the sundial out of the shade. I think the Queen is really showing her age now.
Just tugging my forelock.
Really? She's such an old woman, still, each to their own.
Noticed it also included yet another trip to sunny climes for 'work shy' Prince Harry.

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The Queen And David Attenborough Tonight At 9Pm

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