"disaster That Changed Britain"

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SurreyGuy | 12:17 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | Media & TV
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This is a really good series - James Nesbitt is a good narrator/host.

Only one thing has let it down so far:

In the episode about the Ladbroke Grove train crash, they didn't tell you what eventually happened with regards to the signal that was found to have been a massive contributory cause (SN109).

In the episode about the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster, they failed to tell you what punishment was dished out to the rig's owners, Occidental.

OK, so the two aforementioned "moans" are only little ones, but they mad those episodes ever so slightly incomplete.


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the programme on Ladbroke Grove had of necessity (ie to fit into a timeslot of 48mn) to be rather simplistic and glossed over some of the aspects prominent in the Cullen Report,
I assume you know what happened to SN109 but for those that don't, it was signed back into use in 2006, and is now a single lens "LED" type signal.
The accident cost the Lloyd's insurance marketmore than £1bn, making it the largest insured man-made catastrophe. Occidental paid out $100m (£66m) to families of the deceased but escaped any kind of criminal or civil sanction. No one was made personally liable in the courts either.
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Thanks for all of those great answers folks.

I wasn't aware of the "missing" info in the two episodes that I referred to, hence why I posted.
I’m enjoying this.
It can be quite moving.
I’ll give the Grenfell Tower one a miss, though.

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"disaster That Changed Britain"

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