A Touch Of Frost

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Bazile | 12:04 Sun 25th Mar 2018 | Media & TV
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Just don't like the Character that David Jason plays

How popular is the show , I wonder
Are you a fan ?


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Oooh! Topical. :-)
i think it was hugely popular when it came out but not for me
I really enjoyed it - it was hugely popular
Well, we are going back a while, I enjoyed watching it. The title character was quite a complex man, I believe in the books he was much harder and far less likeable than the onscreen version.
I think it was probably more popular oop North than darn South.
In the books he is far more sexist and lewd.
I like the Frost on TV, but, as previously said, in the books (though I've only read one), he came across as an unlikable letch. I was quite surprised, as I read the book after watching the TV
I loved a Touch of Frost, but very dated now. Started in 1992.
I really enjoyed Frost. I now watch it on ITV3 while I’m reading in bed.
I enjoyed it when it first came out, but for me, he will forever be Del Boy.
I enjoyed the series, and the books, for different reasons.

I always like David Jason as an actor, and he played a thoughtful old-fashioned 'copper' in the series who disliked any mention of his George Cross for bravery. I enjoyed the series until the last one or two which were identified by the re-done coiffures of Frost and his oppo, all slicked back and modern, and the series went off the boil for me at that time.

In the books, Frost was an 'of his time' copper, not shy about being crude and sexist but every bit as determined to get his man, and avoid filling in his expenses!
Loved it!
Yes , a good assessment by A-H.
I never read the books ( I don't read) and i am a fan of David Jason...BUT...I felt that he was badly cast and overplayed his character.
"Chop! chop! didn't register with me.
No. I find it rather "tame"
I never read the books, but I liked the TV series.
If you're looking to be brought up short by fictional detectives try Morse.
A lot swearier on audio book than the pensive alcoholic on the telly.
OH watched it, so I heard it through his (very noise-spilling) headphones. I was annoyed by the Columbo type 'Oh, just one more thing...' as he was about to leave a room. It's been done to death, just stop it now.

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A Touch Of Frost

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