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Kathyan | 18:01 Thu 01st Mar 2018 | Media & TV
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Is it really necessary for Channel 5 to do a special 2 hour programme on the weather? It's winter, it snows in winter, it's cold in winter, we can't cope with winter in this country but do we really need a two hour special on the subject? And before anyone says it, yes I do know that I don't have to watch it and I won't be watching it, but still!


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Really ? How odd !
I won’t be watching it either.
But the weather we are experiencing is not usual weather even for a British winter.

I don’t watch Channel 5, the weather prog hasn’t replaced Topless Darts has it ?
Is it necessary for Channel 5 to do anything? It's full of rubbish. The only programme it's broadcasting that I have ever been remotely interested in in its 20 years or whatever is the one about Jo Brand on tomorrow. I don't hold out much hope for that, even though I love Jo Brand.
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Well we watch the news while waiting for Neighbours to come on but even that is getting ridiculous. Yesterday it was 95% about the weather and on most days they tell you part of a story and then tell you to visit their Facebook page for the rest of it!
It fills two hours and it's cheap...meets Channel 5 criteria.
I'm not watching it either but I'm sure the programmes taken off will be shown later for those that follow them.
Every single winter I say the same thing - knowing it will happen.

When it snows, each of the news programmes on every channel will have some poor sap standing outside with a North Face jacket on, getting covered in snow, telling us that it's snowing.

Of course, with the extreme weather over the last few days, this has gone into overdrive, with more of them, more often.

I fail to understand the need to have a reporter standing outside in the snow. You can tell me it's snowing, and I'll understand. I'm an adult - I can see the show through my window, and I've been out in snow and I know what snow and cold look and feel like.

And now a programme about the snow? Why?

If you are old enough to make sense out of watching a progeramme about snow, then you are old enough to understand that it snows in the winter. It's not news, it's weather, and it's not unusual or interesting enough to discuss for five minutes, never mind an hour!
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Well, it is interesting, Andy-Hughes, because we're just not used to it. I love cold winters. I've gone on Scandinavian cruises just to experience a cold winter because we rarely get them here.

It'll all be over in a couple of days.
(I feel I've said this before somewhere)
Colverjo - // Well, it is interesting, Andy-Hughes, because we're just not used to it. //

I think your logic is flawed.

I am not used to men dancing in tights and tutus, but I don't want to see an hour-long programme about it.

Novelty is rarely a valid reason to hang a long TV programme on - and the weather is no exception.
Oh dash it, have I missed the men in tutus again?
You'll not have missed much,'s very cold.... ;-)
Topless men in tutus playing darts - now there's an idea for me to pitch to Channel 5 ...

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