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Caribeing | 19:46 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Keeping warm just watching telly but have have almost lost the will to go on after watching such dire contestants what makes these people think they are suitable for quiz shows,Tipping Point questions couldn’t be simpler one girl from Liverpool answered a sport question which had Liverpool in the question and then she didn’t know whether or not Winston Churchill was a Prime Minister thought maybe around that time it was Ronald Reagan, winning woman only got 2 categories right out the final six. The Chase had a lady who kept saying I don’t do music sport etc, I wasn’t born when Jesus was around but I know a bit about him!!


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Watch something else.
bring back 15 to 1
Am I right ?
I'm Not Wrong !
I mean who wants to hear a twenty second explanation of why they are giving any particular answer ?
just answer the damn question !
Maybe the same people who listen to Alexander Armstrong read everything 'one more time'.

It pads out very thin material.
I have stopped watching Pointless. It is repetative and boring.
So what do you think of Tenable?
//// So what do you think of Tenable? ////

..... another dull and drab show.
You need to be lucky with the category you end up with ..... I just wish I'd been on today - I know the Greek alphabet .... but if it had been on something like entertainment, I would have failed miserably :(
I've given up watching these daytime quiz shows. They are padded out with repetition, flashing lights and some of the contestants are unbelievable. I only watch Only Connect, Mastermind and University Challenge now. Gimmick free.
Agree about 15-to-1, johnny - just a pity that the tough-but-fair William G Stewart is no longer around to present it. He certainly took no prisoners when I was on it, really tore into a cameraman for talking when he was talking!
William G Stewart. No! My OH was on 15 to 1, and WGS came on to the set as if he was the queen bee. He also got some answers wrong himself. He let off a contestant with 'panacea' when the answer was 'placebo', him thinking they were the same thing.
Well, I never saw him let anyone off the times I was on!
When I was on 15-1 he was great. Must have been in the late 80s. I got to the last 4.
Gg, did he come on to the set like the queen bee though?
How many times were you on? I must have seen you.
I got to 'know' him quite well - I was on it 8 times
I used to watch The Chase every day but got bored with it in the end. I mainly watch Mastermind now, but every time I watch it I wish it was on for longer, half an hour just isnt long enough for me.

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