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Kathyan | 11:08 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch this 'comedy' last night? Not funny in the slightest and I can't believe my licence fee has been spent on this rubbish!


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I turned off very early on, it was cringeworthy. I'm afraid John Cleese hasn't been funny for a long time.
I agree utter rubbish
I've only seen the trailers and they were awful.
I expected it so be good considering the cast but just found it intensely irritating.
Total waste of a fabulous cast and not original at all.
Good news on the sitcom front, though - my all time favourite, Still Game, has a new series starting very soon
8th March for Still Game, hc.
Well, it is for BBC scotland.
i didn't bother as they couldn't find an amusing clip to show as a trailer
And here, alba.
I'm enjoying Two Doors Down.
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I'm glad I'm not on my own then!
I turned off after the first 10 minutes of the first episode last week. Waste of a good blouse.
Good actors doing their best with a pathetically awful script.
Watched the first episode last week, that was enough
Shockingly poor - just embarrassingly bad - someone should have pulled the plug way before it was broadcast.
I am a great Cleese fan, been a fan since he was on the radio in the 1960s, then of course Python, Fawlty Towers etc.

I love his sarcasm and irony, he rarely takes anything seriously.

I watched LAST WEEKS Hold the sunset (first episode) and quite enjoyed it.

With the son having a mid life crisis I thought it was more like a drama with some laughs (a bit like Auf Wiedersehen Pet). And I enjoyed Cleese comments and sarcasm in the first episode.

If it had gone down the "drama with some laughs" route it may have been fine.

But the second episode last night was TERRIBLE.

A real old fashioned outdated 1970s "Terry and June" sit com with annoying characters and annoying scenes.

Such a shame because there are some good actors in it, but it is just like something from the past which has not dated well.

For comedy fans like myself I did notice it was produced by Humphrey Barclay and he and Cleese worked together in the 1960s and are old friends so maybe Cleese took it to help out an old mate.

But Humphrey is now 76 and maybe out of touch with modern "comedy" (and I use the term loosely!).
i like it, its not supposed to be roll over funny, its well played with a good script.
looks like i am in the minority of one, oh dear....
Shockingly bad - did he do it just to pay off his last ex wife?
John Cleese is forever doomed to try and follow the greatest sitcom ever written - and double-doomed because he wrote it.

It may be that his quality control is simply not there - remember all his best work like Python and Towers was co-written.

Perhaps he needs the script-writing equivalent of Quincy Jones telling Michael Jackson that one of his song was not good enough for Thriller, so he went away, and wrote Billie Jean to replace it.

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