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anotheoldgit | 09:50 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Media & TV
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Why is Mark Labbett such a bad loser, after all it was for charity, he should have been praising the celebrities instead of storming off in such a huff?


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He's playing a role. It's all part of the act!
it's showbiz AOG, he's called the beast!
It was as about as realistic as a 1970s wrestling match.
I didn't see the very end. I always stop and delete at the end of the final chase, but it does say in the article that he 'jokingly' hit the wall. He's just playing to his character, I think.
As advised, he's in show business - they call him 'The Beast', you have to expect him to play up to that, and act like one.
Most viewers know that the Chaser’s nicknames are part of the show’s format. Labatt is ‘the Beast’ so he is expected to be occassionally beastly.
Interesting he did this particular act to celebrities, and not to the usual public player. Celebs are paid so can expect comeback. The viewers would not be so kind if he had a tantrum (even a pretend one) on a non professional player.

The Express have a long history of knocking the show for some reason.
i watched him do this once, he is a bad loser no mistake.
this was a non celebrity chase, and i think he well deserves his nickname.
Richard Desmond until recently owner of the Daily Express was thwarted from buying ITV.

Which may account for why ITV shows get a lot of bashing from the Express.
Thought Labett was something to do with Beast,in French,hence his nickname,could be wrong of course.
I thought he's called The Beast because he's so huge.
Yes, I just googled it. He is called the beast because of his size and also because Labbett sounds like the French La bete, meaning the beast.

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