Trauma - Is It Worth Watching?

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Garaman | 16:44 Wed 14th Feb 2018 | Media & TV
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I am sure there will be another thread but there might be spoilers, and I just want to know if it is any good.



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Yes yes yes
Last part tonight !!
I would say Yes. Very mixed reviews but I am loving it. It takes a look at a tragedy from a different angle. Acting is first class. A few holes but I put that down to dramatic licence.
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I will watch the ending now....but I'd not search it out......I know it's telly but there are too many inconsistencies.....x
Whole different story type..with poetic license...but good
Can't say I've enjoyed it as such, but having started to watch it I'm curious to see how it all concludes tonight.
We've just watched Colateral on catch up and I'd rate that far better.
Yes, Im loving it. Its really got me gripped, cant wait to see what happens tonight.
Not impressed so far but I'm holding out for a stunning third episode.
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Thanks, I think!

I just watched all three episodes and it passed an evening, but I wasn't too impressed.
The ending was ridiculous.(imo)
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Yes, I thought the ending pathetic.
great ending, not what I expected, loved it.
Didn't really like the ending but to turn the families lives completely around was a clever twist.
Redemption and reconciliation for the nutter and estrangement and the loss of a daughter for the bloke who cocked-up.

Only thing which rang true for me was the surgeon's statement about his profession that "we all make mistakes - and we all lie".
Was hoping for netter. Let's see how Collateral works out.

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Trauma - Is It Worth Watching?

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