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emmie | 09:41 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | Media & TV
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has anyone been watching this, i have caught up with the whole series on
I player and want to know what was supposed to be the ending, it left me a tad mystified.


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No I cdnt fathom the first episode
so i dont think after what you have written I will persist
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its pretty good, scary in parts, and well acted, but the last episode which was supposed to wrap things up left me wondering what the girl turned into.
I have only watched the first two and a half episodes but can't figure out what is going to happen.

I think that the antiques lady said the area had been evil (or some such thing) a long time before now. It drew satanists to it so I tend to think it is an ancient evil that we will likely never know what it is even if they have another series.

But as I say I've only seen the first few episodes so could be well off e mark.
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persist with it, perhaps someone else will have watched it to the end on i player.
I'm watching it, I have theories about parentage etc., the funeral will turn out to be significant but as I'm only up to the second episode I'll speculate no more!
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ok i won't do a spoiler for anyone still watching.
I finished it last night, and enjoyed it up intil just before the very end.

It was an absolute crock of an ending, a complete lazy cop out.
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what does she turn into? some sort of devil, and the bodies in the graves another mystery...
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rocky, anyone, can you explain the ending....

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