Big Little Lies

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NoMercy | 11:16 Sun 14th Jan 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anybody see this?

I downloaded the series and watched all 7 episodes over 2 days.

WOW !! ... Jaw-droppingly good and a twist at the finale that even I didn't see coming.

The best mini-drama I've seen in years. Well worth watching.


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I did not know this was a tv series but have very recently read the book. It was excellent.
I saw the twist coming but only a very few pages before it arrived.
Probably won't watch it now, shame.
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Jake, it's so worth watching. The cast is excellent. The sceenery breathtaking. I fell out with my husband because I wanted to go straight from episode 3 to 4 with no pause and he bounded in wanting to turn over.
I watched and thought it was excellent. The acting was top notch, especially Nicole Kidman and Alex Skarsgard.

Series 2 is in the offing for 2019.
The other Sky box set, Riviera, is quite good as well.
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I know - it'll be a torturous wait.
I haven't seen it, but have read the book... i'll have a look for that. I never sit and watch much on my own, but a friend and I have the odd evening just watching things like this. We just finished The Crown and it suggested "Alias Grace", we thought we'd have a look and ended up watching all six in a row. That was brilliant.
Is it on Netflix Nomercy ?
what channel was it on?
It's a Sky Atlantic box set. It's not on Netflix but I think you can buy it on Amazon Instant.
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Rocky - I've downloaded Riviera on your recommendation.
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Ps ... Has anyone seen Billions?
I keep looking at Billions (only because Damian Delicious Lewis is in it), but not yet made the commitment. I will do so, I think.

I'm currently binge watching Suits on Netflix with my daughter, but her damned homework keeps getting in the way.
Big little lies was excellent and Riviera was good too. I've seen a couple of episodes of Billions which I'm going to get back into after I finish re-watching the whole of Grey's Anatomy.
I could rewatch Greys.
I watched this when it was first on.
Not as enthusiastic as you all seem to be, but I didn’t see the ending coming either!
What I did like was the version of ‘How’s The World Treating You’ that James’ Tupper’s character mimed to, and just had to download it.

For a gripping US drama, try ‘The Night Of.’ First shown in (I think) 2016.
Got the DVD for Christmas and am looking forward to binge watching that.

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Big Little Lies

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