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DeeLicious | 15:37 Thu 11th Jan 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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What are the most and least impressive autographs you've ever got?


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"Angry for him". Damned predictive text X!
Ive got a signed David Icke book. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that!
You can all have mine, one day I may be famous!

I've got Tim Henman's. I'm very pleased with it.
OH has John McCrirrick's. I'm slightly less thrilled by that one.
I was thrilled to get a signed book by Ian Stewart, the mathematician. He was my son's tutor at uni.
The Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang...... :-(
Joan Regan.... ;-(

Lenny the Lion!.... :-)
I've never asked for autographs as I'm not fussed about that sort of thing.

I met Tom Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, and George Benson when they were staying at our hotel in Cyprus many years ago.

My close friend is Ellie Goulding's godfather and she and I used to stay over at his house and look after him when he was terminally ill with COPD and she was trying to break into the music industry.

My uncle was Motorhead's driver and he was also lifelong friends with Status Quo.
I have David Dimbleby and both Morecomb and Wise.
got David Dimbleby when I was at school and we were on Top of the Form, he was the junior assistant with the BBC I think, I had no idea who he was but he came over to me and asked me if I would like to have it because he was going to be famous one day like his father.
I met Eric Morcombe in Bournemouth one afternoon at the Palace theatre garden when they were top of the bill there around 1966, he invited me to come to the stage door when I said that we were seeing them that evening,I met both of them in their dressing rooms with their wives and also their dogs,lots of other girls were trying to get in back stage but were turned away,the doorman was just told to let me in .
forgot to say he did the paper bag trick for me
I met Madonna the other week - she is definitely not someone who you would ask for an autograph!
Question Author
how and where did you meet Madonna?
I have two, Cliff Michelmore, and Sir David Frost.
Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter
Mr A has the entire West Indies cricket team of the 80's and Dickie Bird.

He won't sell....... :-(
In the 70s, Radio 1 DJ Noel Edmunds opened a car dealership near us.

I queued up and got a signed photo.

I have no idea what I did with it.

(PS, he was tiny)
seb coe and Ricky valance
Question Author
Follyfancier, is your Dimbleby story true? Seems unlike the character we've come to know on TV since. What year was that?
yes it is true ,it was about 1963 I think
I got all the rock stars from fifties. I used to queue up at the stage door of the Theatres in Manchester. Sometimes lucky enough to be invited in to dressing rooms. My autograph book was quite full. Sadly I gave it away in later life.
I had Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent, Tommy Steele, Marty Wilde, all the John Barry Seven, Mike and Bernie Winters. There was a singer called Little Tony, I was invited to his dressing room, he had gone but his birthday cake was there and I was given it.
I had so many others but I can't remember them now.

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