To Boldly Screw Up Star Trek.......

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ToraToraTora | 20:46 Sun 07th Jan 2018 | Media & TV
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Has anyone seen star trek discovery? As a devotee I'm gutted, I wanted to like it but what a load of old pony!


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yes i saw it, and i liked it
i reserve judgment as I`ve only seen episode one and, historically, they are slow to get going.
I watched the first part of the 2 part pilot, and although chatting to Gromit 'it does get better' I didn't/ haven't seen any more of it. I am a Sci-Fi geek and love me treks but wasn't enticed enough to bother even though I kept meaning to give it a fair bat.
I watched on YouTube last week. I tried to get some background info but didn't find much.

The film was made and financed by Star Trek fans. I am sure that the budget was under $30k. I noticed that most of the actors were not professional actors, given how dreadfully wooden they were their lack of training was of no surprise.

I recall that the Star Trek franchise agreed to take no legal action against the filmmakers as long as they agreed to not make further films.

I can't give you links as I am on another computer.

For those interested in the film:

Live Long and Prosper

I didn't read your post properly - I was talking about a whole different film.

I am enjoying it, also enjoying The Ormond.
Wolf... I noticed that most of the actors were not professional actors, given how dreadfully wooden they were

...are you really sure you wasn't on about discovery ;-)
Ark, was it that bad?

I think that I will just keep watching funny cat videos.
I love Treks even the reboot movies with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto etc... But it just had no appeal from what little I'd seen... however a few seem to have liked it so will give it another go.
I got caught up in the Stargate series, especially Atlantis. I plan to rewatch the whole series soon.
I have no idea what this is. Is it fake news? I love Star Trek so I hope so
SG1 was brilliant, Jack O'Neill dry wit and teal'c so funny. I Have seen a few of Atlantis and did like it, but not followed the whole story arc.
Star trek: discovery is real, you know what I mean it's being shown on netflix to start with... I do believe it will be shown on Sky.
i like all the treks series and movies, star wars nah..
Let me know when it's on Freeview.
Actually I loved it - far better than Deep Sleep Nine and The Next Gen - more like the Kirk years - absolutely fantastic.
the new series started last night, and i liked it again
For the record the first series of ST:Discovery is 15 episodes and a second series has already been commisioned - for further info check it out on IMDB
there will never be another Captain James T Kirk !! ...what a man !
As a boy of the 60's, the only Star Trek that really counts is the original version....all the others are pants !

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To Boldly Screw Up Star Trek.......

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