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wrayperson | 21:06 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched University wonder Keble many questions in the sphere of Frank Cottrell author!!


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Yes, I thought it a bit one-sided, too.
And JP annoys me when he says "sickth" instead of "sixth"...!
gingejbee - I always cringe when people pronounce it like that. Almost as bad as haitch!!!
...and they managed to win with no contribution at all from the woman on the far right - she didn't even attempt the two maths questions, and we'd been told she was one of the youngest-ever Oxford maths grads!

Totally agree about Paxman (and others) saying sikth; and H as haitch drives me bananas
The captain of the Cambridge team (incredibly annoying that he insisted on nominating nearly every answer in bonus rounds!) was a teacher of creative writing, so not really unfair.

Paxman gives the teams in the alumni version WAY too long to confer. In a recent edition, I was so exasperated I changed channel - something I've never done in decades of watching UC

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