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soliloquy | 10:01 Thu 21st Dec 2017 | Media & TV
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In the course of the day, Morven decides that she is going to leave - which she does at the end of her shift. A couple of weeks ago, it seems that Nina and Rossini also left suddenly. Do the staff of Holby City not have contracts?

It was good to see that Jason is still around. Just because "Auntie Serena" left, there was no reason to write him out.

But what about Arthur coming back from the dead? Perhaps Raf will do the same next Christmas.


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I don't think too deeply about such things. All soaps and dramas are littered with inaccuracies.

I don't like the coming back from the dead nonsense.
I don't watch the programme, but am wondering how they did the 'come back from the dead' thing. Was it like the Bobby Ewing episode in Dallas where it was all a dream?
I don't remember anybody leaving Holby ever giving notice. They just decide to leave and go the same day
It was just a vision .... no-one else could see Arthur...only his widow.
Oh, I see. Thanks, Roslyn.

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