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shivvy | 21:05 Tue 19th Dec 2017 | Media & TV
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I am doing a quiz and one of the rounds is going to be a review of the year. I know next to nothing about recent Star Wars, but I heard on the radio that Princess Leia is now called General Organa in the most recent movie?
Is that correct, and if so how can I word the question so that the Star War fans at the quiz don't catch me out on any inaccuracies?!


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Q - How is General Organa better known in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
A - Princess Leia.
Read this and pinch the bullet points. Leia is indeed General Leia Organa.
Question Author
Thanks davegosling. I don't want to make it too easy or let them know that it is from a movie - hoping that they might think it is relating to the real world eg that it might be Trump or something! So if I said:
Q - "This year who became known as General Organa?"
A - Princess Leia.
Although, that's not strictly true as she was known as that in The Force Awakens. You could always ask who here parents were (Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher), though that's pretty well known. Alternatively:

Q - Who is the only character to appear in all eight major Star Wars films and which actor portrays that character?
A - C-3PO (Anthony Daniels)
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Ah so the General Organa thing didn't just happen in 2018 then.

So the C3PO question - is that relevant to this year? ie could I say As of this year, who is the only character etc?
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Sorry Togo - only noticed your reply! Thanks for the link.
I started to look on wikipedia but realised very quickly that I was out of my Star Wars depths and needed the accuracy that only comes from Answerbankers!!
Yes, absolutely:

Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in all of the previous seven films, died before filming began on The Force Awakens.

Thinking about it, the best way to phrase the question would be:

"This December saw the release of The Last Jedi, the eighth major film in the Star Wars franchise. Who is the only actor to have appeared in all eight films, and which character does that actor portray?"
Sorry, meant that Kenny Baker died before filming began on The Last Jedi - he was in The Force Awakens, albeit briefly.
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Great dave - thanks a million.

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