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lankeela | 11:19 Tue 28th Nov 2017 | Media & TV
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What are the chances of the BBC now getting the rights to schedule a re-run of the full series of Suits as it has been taken off freeview channels?


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I didn't know it was on BBC. I've only ever seen it on Netflix.
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Its not - that was my question - what are the chances that they will?
There is every chance of a re-run of the Series, especially that Meghan Markle is in it ! We all know who she is !!!
rowanwitch - I have arrived at my knowledge of Ms Markle from the opposite end so to speak - I have been a watcher and a fan of Suits from Season One Episode One, so I have been an admirer of the lady for a darned sight longer than Prince Harry!

And still, she picked Harry, sorry Andy, better luck next time.
The first six series of Suits were shown on Dave, which (as part of UKTV) is co-owned by the BBC.

If Aunty Beeb decided against showing the programme on its advert-funded (UKTV) channel, it's hard to see why they would choose to pay for the broadcasting rights to show it on BBC1 or BBC2, where (due to the lack of advertising revenue) it would cost them more to show it.
saplesam - // And still, she picked Harry, sorry Andy, better luck next time. //

I'm used to it - Ms. Markle joins a very long and ever-growing list of women who have been unknowing recipients of my undying admiration from a seriously long distance.

It's all for the best - the present Mrs Hughes would not be happy ...
I've got the same problem with Heather Graham and Sasha Alexander.

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