Emmerdale - Lachlans 'unknown Room'

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chelle7272 | 23:27 Mon 27th Nov 2017 | Media & TV
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How convenient is it? A window no one has bothered to wonder where, apparently around 5mm thick floor with no joists yet is stable and soundproof, views through to the ground floor and handy stairwells that lead only to giant needless but suddenly useful vents! This used to be my favourite soap. ..oh dear!


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It really is an absolute joke, isn't it.
Not a trace of insulation; and he can hear everything they're saying, but they can't hear him moving around above them on the world's thinnest loft floor!
It's ridiculous....there are bedrooms below the attic.
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I do appreciate it is fictional but that is beyond ludicrous now.
......and nobody has noticed the holes in the ceiling!!!
And his friend Gerry seems to be able to come and go as he pleases without being seen.
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Not just me then :)
And his “room” is right above the hall! So first floor not loft...with cobwebbed windows.... and then ....vent slats so he can look into and hear everything from the kitchen and the office......come on writers.... this is stretching a bit too far. If those stairs from the office, which Gerry seems to use all the time, lead straight to it, how come no one else has ever been up there? And how come the police, after their “thorough search of the building” missed it?
Yet you, and millions like you, continue to watch. Perhaps misleading the writers/producers into believing you enjoy what they are offering up. Use your remote. Turn your tv off/over, go for a walk, make love, wash up. Do not watch it and, in time, maybe the powers that be will get the message.
//It really is an absolute joke, isn't it.//
Very good programme description,
how his wee pal can nip in and out is is all a bit bonkers, this forgotten room immediately above the living quarters..even plod would have found it !
Good fun though nevertheless - his evil grin makes up for all the inaccuracies!
yes i'm with you lankeela, its all a bit "daft" but would never miss an episode,
He'll wake up in the shower & its all been a dream !!!
I think the scriptwriters in the McCains advert before Emmerdale have written this. Farcical doesn't begin to describe it. So many holes in the plot it could be a colander
Stop blaming the writers....they write the scripts. It's the "storyliners" that come up with these improbable scenarios in the first place.
It's the only soap we watch....daft it may be, but entertaining nevertheless.
Yes, however ridiculous, we carry on watching Emmerdale. I won't miss an episode either...just in case Cain's in it. :)
I watched an old episode of Heartbeat yesterday with him in it Robinia, younger obviously, but lovely. He's mine though!!

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Emmerdale - Lachlans 'unknown Room'

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