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FoxLee2 | 21:21 Sat 04th Nov 2017 | Media & TV
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In the final part where they had to come up with countries, capitals or cities in the UK with a D in their name, Richard gave out the pointless answers at the end and did anyone else notice that he said ASHGABAT? I'm looking hard but can't see the D in there.


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I think it can also be spelt 'Ashkhabad'.
But that's Turkmenistan not the UK.
That was for a capital city with D in its name.
"Ashgabat is called Aşgabat in Turkmen, Ашхабад (Ashkhabad) in Russian, and Ešq-ābād (عشق‌آباد) in Persian. Before 1991, the city was usually spelled Ashkhabad in English, a
transliteration of the Russian form. It has also been variously spelled Ashkhabat and Ashgabad."
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Thanks for all the replies - I didn't know there were alternative spellings and it came up on screen in the sub-titles as Ashgabat.
>>>> I didn't know there were alternative spellings

Remember we WE in the West name one city the locals may have another name, particularly if they dont use the same alphabet as us.

So we call it MOSCOW but in their language they spell it and call it something different.
it has a d on the end in cyrillic

dunno about Turkmen - pretty widely spoken in central asia apparently,
but it is possible that a final sounded consonant ( d) is pronounced as the unnsounded counterpart ( t) at the end of a word

Like german- - - - Land sounz like Lant - but in the plural the d is now inside a word and it is Lander

I keep on tackling the Beeb - putting a soft post-vocalic /r/ on the end of the arabic word for 'God'
there is no r on the end of Allah - so "Aller riz great" is deffo wrong
but my suggestion "Allah hiz great" - actually it could be "Allah uz great" has faced unexpected consumer resistance

sorry at a loose end this evening
They're toponyms arent they
i wonder what the toponym capital of the world is - or where

OK letter pickers - the capital of Italy - does it have an /e/ in it?
and the capital of Russian does it have a 'w' in it
or does Krakow have an f in it

so many questions and so few answers

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