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cashier | 14:23 Sat 21st Oct 2017 | Media & TV
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For those who don't know, or have forgotten Monday's UC is on at 7.30 pm not 8.00


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Thanks for the info. :)
yeah - I was gonna say - that was a few days ago ( mon)
last of the heats - quite good

at least they are having science questions
when we told Bamber Grassgroin there were no science qq he said when we do .. . no one knows the answer - and we said that is because you dont ask any ( average one per prog)

This weeks was a bit of an odd one - CGS units which no one uses now - SI ( metric mk 3)
or else it was on christian names ( "given name" - both my christian name and surname are given as far as I am concerned) of SI units.
they like sub atomic physics too
Thanks Cashier...without this tip, I might have missed it altogether !

But there is always the iplayer, of course.
Thank you for that Cashier.
Explain rum to me please

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