Strictly Week Four

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Eve | 17:28 Sat 14th Oct 2017 | Media & TV
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Spoilers for anyone not watching live and it is likely that the dance off result will be posted when it is available online, well before the dance off tomorrow. Who else is watching and who do you think will be the next to leave?


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A few of them this year have had prior dancing experience, Alexandra, Aston and Debbie.

Susan has improved so much, that dance really suited her, I really hope she can keep on improving. Maybe not with the Latin so much though. Interesting that Debbie dropped quite a bit this week, seems ballroom is more her thing.
Debbie dropped quite a bit this week, seems ballroom is more her thing.

I think your right, Eve.
Yet some don't seem to comfortable with ballroom ( probably the discipline involved I think ).
Looks like Charlotte's gone out.
Thanks Butterbun.
Gotta be Simon next week.
Simon had a lucky escape this week. Davood was in the dance-off.
Davood was in the dance-off.

Blimey, I wouldn't have expected that.
As much as I love the programme I think its heavily weighed in Alexandras favour, she always gets a late slot and has lots of dance experience!
Put her on first, its so unfair on the others to keep going on near the end!!
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Charlotte deserved to go, I really hoped that she would improve but I don't think she would have much. I wonder if Brendan will be back next year. Really surprised that Davood was in the dance off though! He was sixth on the leader board with seven below him, including Debbie, Joe and Mollie, he had done really well! The dance off must have been a bit pointless.
So..........who is off....Davood or Charlotte?

Posts seem to be a bit confusing.
I couldn't care less, but Mrs sqad wants to know.
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Morning Sqad :) Charlotte. On there but taking ages to load!
Thanks Eve.......I will tell her now...;-)

It wasn't Charlotte Bronte was it? ;-)
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Haha, no ;) Probably would have had as much animation on the dance floor though!!!!

Charlotte Hawkins, she co-presents Good Morning Britain. Beautiful lady with an amazing figure but she can't dance.
Charlotte and Brendan hated each other from day 1.
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Really? I hadn't picked up on that, they always seemed very huggy though who knows what is put on for the cameras. I don't think a few of them like having celebrities who can't dance, competitive streak maybe. I think he has had issues in the past with celebrities, didn't he and Lulu have a major clash?

Karen looked like she had a face like thunder after her and Simon's dance last night and during the judging and when Claudia spoke to her upstairs. Kevin seemed more himself last night with a better dance.

I wonder if they will end up going to the US on their version where Bruno and Len judge. I've watched some of the dances on Youtube after seeing an article about one of the pros not dancing one week after a rumour major clash with his partner, it seems quite different to Strictly here, some fantastic dances and seems much more dramatic. I love our Strictly but it's quite interesting to watch some of theirs.

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Strictly Week Four

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