Dispatch A Search Party For Phil Mitchell

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coldstream-1971 | 19:34 Fri 16th Jun 2017 | Media & TV
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Surely with all tonight antics it's time to bring back Phil my god the show does need it. I believe he's due in panto in 2017 but that 6 months away.

Any ideas Answer Banker's???


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Well they better do something. This Tyler family are dreadful ( do you think those are her real teeth ?) The story line of bullying and now Louise's rape is wearing bit thin. Mmmm, what could be a new storyline I wonder ?
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I agree samaraison it seems ever since the producer, changed the show is scraping the barrow the rape scene is reminiscent of the Linda Carter story and the bullying story is lasting long than the siege of Warsaw,does anybody agree?
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ops sorry for my punctuation
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is it a different actor playing Shaquile?
I don't think so, looks like he's had a long needed haircut to me.
As if Sharon would leave her ill, alcoholic husband abroad on his own for that length of time. He could be up to all sorts, back on the booze for all she knows.
Phil is due back any week now and he will be a changed character.
Did anyone notice when Sharon introduced herself to the new woman, she said 'I live in the big house on the end'. They are terraced houses, aren't they all the same size?
All soap actors are contracted for a given amount of screen time over the length of their contract - usually a rolling twelve months.

This can mean short scenes almost every week, or long complex storylines involving major screen time, followed by several months out during which the actors are allowed to do other things, but still bound by various aspects of their contracts.

So - panto is OK, adverts are not. Similarly, major physical changes like sun tans, hair cutting and dying, surgery (Ivy Tildsley anyone?) and so on are written in to contracts.

Speaking of absences, - isn't it time Carla came back?
Carla in EE you mean?
Sorry I meant Corrie!!
I don't watch EE, but I remember Ivy with her big lips suddenly appearing in Corrie.
What bothers me (slightly, there are worse things going on in the world) is the actresses having blingy nails while the characters they're playing definitely wouldn't. I'm thinking Pauline Fowler here.

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Dispatch A Search Party For Phil Mitchell

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