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coldstream-1971 | 21:43 Fri 05th May 2017 | Media & TV
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Hello any idea where Stephen and Christopher are this week?


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Isn't the guy with the beard getting married and the other one is his best man?
I think your right, Chrissa that was mentioned the other week.

That Giles cracks me up with some of the things he comes out with, not sure if its for the cameras, or he just has a dry sense of humour.

Wish they would give those Yorkshire sisters the boot, they do my head in!
Dont forget Leon and June! LOL
Most are quite funny, but the pair in the caravan are my favourites.
Leon is a bit iffy ? Love the caravan friends and the dad and two sons, I miss the moffats .
That family with the long bearded father & weird son are a bit odd Ann, aren't they?
leon and June my favs..and the two older birds from Bristol !
trt, I believe " the weird son " has ***tourettes syndrome " *** spelling .?
Yes Anne - he has tourette's
describing him as 'wired' is insensitive - he has a condition thar must be very distressing

Autocorrect again!!!!!
3rd time lucky toorak maybe, not that it's important ;) weird

Weird. :-(

Too many t's from me :-(
ha ha ;)
## describing him as 'wired' is insensitive - he has a condition thar must be very distressing ##

I didn't know Toorak my apologies, but dont have a go, as I dont know everything like yourself, but I at least know how to spell! :-)
Not having a go but I knew that he had a condition

This ipad is driving me nuts - it keeps changing things

I can spell - honestly (though it might not look like it!)
I on the other hand can't ;-)
You obviously can (spell)
I think they said last week that one of them was going on holiday this week.

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