Good News Line Of Duty Fans

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chelle7272 | 14:02 Fri 05th May 2017 | Media & TV
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We may have to wait up to 2 years though. I'm still waiting for the return of Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax.
Never watched this, but from all the good comments on here, I wish I had !
hereIam, you must get hold of the dvds and watch it from the very beginning
Thanks, Chelle.....good news!

HereIam......I missed the first couple of episodes because I mixed it up with Thin Blue Line....which I don't like.....
When I started watching I was hooked....and I'm not a big TV viewer.....I've just bought the lot to watch again...from the start this time......the first time I've bought a box set......
It's really worth it.....x
Gness...start a lending first !!
Oh I could, Minty......and think of the fun I'd have with overdue fines.....each a one off for abers......You'd have to cut my lawn for a month..... :-)
Box set here I come .....
"Box set here I come"!!!

HereIam's not risking borrowing mine!.....:-)
starting in The Mail on Saturday free box set offer...includes Line of duty !!!!

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Good News Line Of Duty Fans

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