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marval | 12:34 Fri 28th Apr 2017 | Media & TV
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Is anyone going to watch "Barging Brits In The Sun." It is on Channel five at 8.00pm.

It is a one off, I shall give it a go.

Here is a bit about it.


An affectionate look at how Great Britain's canals are becoming `great' again, with more people choosing to escape the rat race and climb aboard a canal boat for a slower pace of life. This documentary reveals the weird and wonderful world of canal boat life, following some of the more colourful characters who take to the nation's waterways, from a former bond girl with a luxurious £100,000 boat to the UK's top Elvis tribute act and a family taking its first ever boating holiday.


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i doubt if i will watch it, but boating, barging is a great way to see the waterways and countryside of our great nation. i once took the helm of a barge and nearly got us all killed whilst heading for a deep weir, luckily someone stepped in to take control.
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You get to see a lot of things you wouldn't elsewhere.

I loved the narrow boat holidays we had.
i loved the fact of jumping off to visit the excellent pubs along the route, almost our undoing of course.
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Yes Emmie, we found some lovely pubs. Not easy to control a barge after a few too many I would think. We mostly stopped in the evening, so time to relax.
i loved it i confess and would go again if the chance arose.
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Unfortunately at 71 and 65, we are not as mobile as we used to be. But I would love to have another one. Our last few holidays have been on The Norfolk Broads.
i am not either, mobile that is, but would love to have another go.
I will be, as when I left school I worked at a boat builders in Stretford, (Rathbone Brothers)who use to make the rowing boats that you had in parks, and converted barges to houseboats, most from Kellogg's, who used to deliver the corn by canal.

My daughter lived on one in Ely, and it was very relaxing on a summers day, but as a permanent home, no thanks, I like my comforts.
Thanks,'s a holiday I've often fancied but nobody ever seems keen to come with me.....

I know that the time I took a group of friends on a day trip as a thank you gift we'd only traveled yards when a tree fell across the canal in front of us.....but that was a one off....we just had a day long picnic on the bank....and there was a pub nearby so not all was lost....

If I can find it on the TV here I'll get this lot viewing to see if I can tempt them....... :-)
Question Author
I hope you can tempt them Gness, it really is a relaxing way to travel. Except for locks and falling trees.
Will probably record it. Have never been barging, but have been on the Norfolk Broads a couple of times and LOVED it ! Holidays on water are great, especially mooring up and going to lovely country pubs for a meal - heaven ...
Well that was intereseting, Marval....not typical I should imagine.....
I liked the family.....Dad was nice and it's good to see the children getting so involved in everything....

I don't suppose there are many Elvis impersonators barging.....and he should expect pats on the bum....not complain about them....not that I'd be inclined to pat his bum.......:-)

I would hate to come across the ex Bond girl and her partner......what a pair of bores......x
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I am glad it was interesting Gness, I had to record it but will watch it later.
Let me know what you think of the Bond girl, Marval... I just can't imagine wanting to meet her on a holiday but that could just be me......x
I didn't know it was on otherwise I would have recorded it. I'll try catch up when we get home from our boating holiday.
It's definitely our last one. We are to shaky in the leg department. Mind I'm 75 this year and OH is 80 this year. I'm still shaking now and we left the boat at lunchtime.
We are glad to be on our way home. The rivers and canals we were on were not exciting. We only saw two boats in the week.

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I liked the programme, I agree with you Gness about the bond girl and partner. They were not very sociable, seemed to think they were better than the rest of us.

I thought the family did well going over the aqueduct.

Sorry you have just had your last boating holiday Caran, still you must have many happy memories.

I haven't watched this programme, which Bond girl was it ?.
Question Author
I can't remember her name Tony, she was not one of the main actresses I think. She was in Octopussy.
Thanks marval.
It was a bit of fun. Don't know how long I could put up with the Sue Pollard impersonator, though :D

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