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chelle7272 | 22:49 Wed 26th Apr 2017 | Media & TV
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Disturbing yes, but well done story imo. Just catching up on tonights...was never keen on Rhona nutthe actress has excelled with this I think.


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She's married to Cain - must be difficult for him to watch
I agree. Very well played.
A little over the top in my opinion.

Obviously as a man I cannot truly voice a true opinion on this but, taking into consideration the two had been carrying out a long affair plus the fact that they had only just married that day, and even if her husband had his savage way with her, would any woman had been in such a state as Rhona was? It was not as if she had been savagely attacked in the dark by a complete stranger.

Yes I know that a wife can be raped by her husband and 'no' means 'no' and that this was the message they were trying to get over, but really!!!!

Please ladies don't jump on me, I would just like your true opinion on whether or not this would be a true reaction in those circumstances?
It wasn't just a reaction to that.....Pierce's odd behaviour has been leading up to this for weeks.....everyone warned her that "he" wasn't right for her....
He attacked her before the rape and yes it's a true reaction. I have been though something similar with my ex husband although not the rape. He attacked me one night because I couldn't find my door key when we returned from a night out. We had both had a drink and when I did find my key we got inside and he attacked me. I was covered in bruises and he had pulled my hair so bad I couldn't brush it for quite a while after. So IF he had raped me as well I can imagine what she had gone though. So please don't make light of it.
I am not making light of it and I feel so sorry for what you must have suffered, but I just wanted the opinions of female viewers.

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Emmerdale Rhona

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