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Bazile | 12:22 Wed 19th Apr 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Watched it last night .

Was this episode one of the weaker ones , cos I didn't think it was that funny ?


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Which one was it as I have seen them all.
Was it the smurf one?
Was it the Fancy Dress one? If so I agree that was the weakest of this series.
No I loved the smurf one I found it so entertaining and some of the sayings the smurf came out with were very good!
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The fancy dress one .
Did the female half of the double act really say that the cowboy could ride her anytime ?

Well , I never - appalling

Well if that's the opinion of someone who has seen all four episodes, I am looking forward to the next two.

I loved it and thought Conleth was fabulous as Elsie.
I didn't mean that it wasn't funny; it was. I just thought the others were better.
Yes Bazille just like she said he could trim her bush!
Mamya I loved it, Conleth was just like some of the old broads I have worked with and I laughed out loud at some of the comments.
I loved it as well, perfectly-pitched comedy from the whole cast.
I can't see what all the fuss it about. I don't find it funny at all.
I love Peter Kay's Car Share but last night I didn't like one of the jokes that "Elsie" came out with. Not going to repeat it here, but it was mysogynistic, homophobic and blatantly insulting to women.
I'm with you Sam, I don't find it funny either and yet I am a fan of Peter Kay.
The whole series is the weaker one, not a patch on the first one which was very funny. Maybe it's because they've taken it more 'out of the car', away from original idea.
Thanks,netty,my sentiments exactly.

It's one up from Mrs Brown, no thanks.
Question Author
I suppose there is only so much funny material , one can come up with for two people in a car
We had problems understanding what Elsie was saying so it spoilt it a bit for us
## Maybe it's because they've taken it more 'out of the car', away from original idea. ##

My thoughts exactly Netty.
I couldn't understand what Elsie was saying either.
I was trying to work out if she was a man or a woman. I now know the actor is male, but is Elsie meant to be a woman, transgender or anything else?
I'm a massive Peter Kay fan and love Car Share. I watched the Fancy Dress episode on the BBC iPlayer the other day. But I couldn't understand what was being said as there were no sub-titles to access. So I watched it again on BBC One with sub-titles! I wish I hadn't; this was the weakest episode out of all the ones I've viewed so far, in my opinion. All the others have been excellent, I hope it picks up again.

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