Tv Licence Fee To Rise To £147 In April, Government Announces

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mikey4444 | 17:30 Wed 01st Mar 2017 | Media & TV
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Its been £145:50 per annum since 2010. I think its disgusting that it should rise by £1:50, a huge amount in 7 years ! ( tic )


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there was another very firm anti-BBC type here, but he vanished from our screens last year. No matter, one goes away and another pops up.
//"Britain on the fiddle" Would that be people who don`t pay for a TV licence and leech of the rest of us then?//
Yep, that would be the one. People who practice been sheep and give their money away because they are told too.
Fair enough Nailit. But if you don`t pay a licence fee the you are not in a position to complain about the BBC no?
Goodness, Nailit....I don't give money away because I'm told to......I just pay my way.....and subsidise those who don't.....x
Thank goodness we don't have to pay it!
^^^^ OH is too old.
I think it must be very annoying for those who have no TV and don't access any live broadcasts to have to prove themselves.

However I don't see paying for goods and services I use as 'being a sheep' - try that next time you're in the supermarket.

We constantly have to pay out, want a car then tax and insure it, want spectacles then pay for them, want to protect your home and belongings, then cough up for insurance.

Sometimes we simply have to say 'No' I can't have, I can't afford it.
//I don't give money away because I'm told to......I just pay my way.//
Because your told to. No?
nailit, you probably don't know about programmes like Planet Earth. But they go on for about 50 minutes, then there's a 10-minute diary slot which shows how different sequences were prepared for and filmed, and the difficulties camera crew go through; I find all this behind-the-scene stuff really interesting.

However, Americans don't see it. US channels just cut out the diaries and screen ads for 10 minutes.
Fair enough. But don`t complain about a service that you are not paying towards
No, Nailit....I am offered a service at a price. If I think it's worth it....which in this case I very much do, then I pay for that service.....I don't try to steal it or let other folk fund me.
Evening sunny dave I watch olympics and motd and sports which are on bbc tv via a kodi box having got rid of sky who's prices are exorbitant. .now on a kodi box any bbc sport is not live a couple of minutes behind in fact.
All I'm saying is I'm paying £147 year now for a licence I don't want or need but at the moment I have no option but to pay..but if it were to be subscription or pay for view that would be much fairer for me who doesn't use bbc or its radio stations
So - you're stealing Sky's sport via kodi- I think your moral high ground just evaporated ...
Better than sky stealing £80 a month off me lol
Lol I'm watching man city v Huddersfield via nbc usa at the moment in hd
Happy to pay the small increase ...
From the link to 'TV Licensing '
I see they are still perpetuating the myth that TV detector vans actually work
' Detector vans

We also have a fleet of detector vans that can detect the use of TV receiving equipment at specifically targeted addresses within minutes.'
I thought they had given up on that lie years ago! TV detectors do not work, all the vans they had were fake!

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Tv Licence Fee To Rise To £147 In April, Government Announces

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