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MargoTester | 12:49 Tue 07th Feb 2017 | Media & TV
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Jo - was the ending the same as the book? Can't believe she visited him in prison, twice


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I wondered that too. I thought there might be been an added twist at the end but that's just me. I think I was looking too deep into plot! He was a fantasist and she fed his somewhat confused mind/ego, as to what was real and what wasn't. In return he made her feel special, important and loved. I thought she might visit him. I suppose she felt guilty in some ways. So glad court case came out in.her favour. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
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Me too Patsy, although I did think sex in the street seemed a bit out of character for her. I'm hoping Jo will let us know whether it was true to the book
He was found guilty of manslaughter, and she was rearrested outside the court and found guilty of perjury, so the sentences were correct.

She didn't visit him in prison. Whilst on bail, he attempted to send her a note, and that was why she was judged to have breached her bail conditions and put on remand.

This is the last chapter
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Thank you Jo. I will read that :-)
It was broadly the same. Her husband's name and George's surname were changed. I don't remember her daughter being pregnant or behaving in the way she did in the final episode.

Guy (Gary) obviously knew about her affair as he had deleted the letters she had written to 'X' on her computer before the police took it away.

Rosa turned up and smashed the windows of Yvonne's car, then Guy drove her away in his car after telling Yvonne to stay upstairs. That was when she knew about the affair.

Apart from that, do read the book as there's more detail about their marriage and their children.
Hi Margot ester. He e turned her on and she couldn't resist him. He liked to live dangerously by taking risks. She had never done anything like that in her life before. I think her life became quite boring for her and she liked the 'buzz'!
You all missed the fact that she was actually controlling him then? Virtually the last scene was a flashback to them in the flat and her asking him to kill him / smash his face in. She enjoyed it. The rape wasn't part of her plan but the twist was, she'd been manipulating him all along when he thought it was the opposite.
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Jo I did think it strange that the police hadn't found anything on her compute
Dunno..I didn't think that from reading the book.
The very last show was of her at home with a subtle semi-evil smirk on her face.
ZM, she was only saying that in jest! It was his twisted mind which told him it was what she wanted. He could differentiate between what was real and what wasn't.
The police can find stuff you've deleted from your computer, Margo...
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Hi Cupid - I just took that from Jo's post at 12.18, but yes you are right (perhaps they were the police from one of the soaps!)
You're probably right...they get away with murder all the time!
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Yep- how long must we wait until Phelan gets his comeuppance
Patsy, if she was only saying it in jest why was it shown as a flashback? It was more significant than that. And why was the very last shot of her was because she was crazier than him.
Me too. He's up to something with Faye's boyfriend now!
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I thought she only said that in jest....that's the way I saw it.

Brilliant mini series, not often something will grab me like that, I thought it was similar in some ways to Dr Foster.

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