The Persuaders: Curtis & Moore On Tv Tonight

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yogi-bear | 21:52 Mon 06th Feb 2017 | Media & TV
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True Entertainment....9.00pm....In about 10 mins after The Avengers.

Haven't seen it I years....Pilot episode too....So just starting run....Thought I'd let nostalgic fans know :-)


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I might not watch it all but will watch the start - one of the best theme tunes ever!
I loved it, absolutely loved it. Shame I can't see it again :(
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Here you go, Jourdain....Hope you can see it: -)

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Episode 2, apparently, follows on at 10.00pm

In case you would like to record:

Another two tomorrow night, episode 3 at 9.00pm and episode 4 at 10.00pm

Then two at the same times every day till this Friday.....Same again next week.. Mon-Friday

24 episodes in total.
I can't believe I've left it on. Although very dated it's a brilliant reminder of 70s clothes, cars and way of life
yep , loved the Persuaders - loved the theme tune .

I'ts just showing again now on +1
Thank you so much Yogi! :)
It was shown yesterday 5:00pm on the same channel, so if you miss it on Sunday you get the chance to see it again Monday :)
Thanks for the heads up

I Love these old 70's crime/adventure shows my TV recorder is ready to go 24 episodes = 24 hours of great nostalgic TV :)
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You're most welcome, Jourdain :-)

If you want to watch the other episodes just put into Google.... The Persuaders episode 2, then 3 then 4 etc....should come up.

Agree with you, Prudie....I was only a young lad in the 70's but boy, oh, boy my sister's had fashion on their minds and looked like characters in Austin Powers 'Disco' scenes.

Bazile and Prudie,

The theme tune was released as a single, which my Mum bought on 7" vinyl....still has it I think.... It's by the great John Barry. :-)
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No worries, fiesta...Enjoy watching :-)

Thanks ImLostAgain..... didn't know was on yesterday too...... I'm recording them too.

Horror Channel did the same thing, just before Christmas showing 'Land Of The Giants'... all 51 episodes daily at Midday and 8.00pm weekdays.
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Spell checker again.....grrrr

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The Persuaders: Curtis & Moore On Tv Tonight

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