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yogi-bear | 23:35 Tue 31st Jan 2017 | Media & TV
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Just noticed that this film is being shown as a tribute to John Hurt tonight on BBC2 at 11:15 - 1:05am....Going to record it to watch later in the week.
If anyone hasn't seen it, or even those who have, I strongly recommend it as a powerful true story with first class acting from Richard Attenborough and John Hurt. The film does contain disturbing scenes.

Just thought I'd mention it.if any want to watch or record it.:-)


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Just seen your observation, netibiza.... I'm very impressed.....I like spotting errors in films or TV shows.
I watched it this morning- recorded it last night. It was very good.
Yes....I have enjoyed it again this afternoon. But it doesn't even begin to explain fully what kind of person Christie really was, although that probably wasn't its intention.

Its also worth bearing in mind, that although Evans was eventually given a posthumous pardon, that had to dragged, kicking and screaming out of the authorities.

Evans was hanged in 1950, and as early as 1955, doubts about his conviction was raised, two years Christie was hanged in 1953.

As late as 1994, 24 years after he was hanged, there were still doubts about his innocence !

10 years later the Court of Appeal reluctantly accepted, at last, that Evans did not kill his wife or daughter....a full 54 years after the miscarriage of justice, Bear in mind that when this film was made, Evans was still officially presumed to be guilty.

It sounds more like a work of fiction, instead of a work of fact.

The recent tv adaptation was indeed excellent too, it did explain more of Christie's dark side and focused more on Mrs Christie!
Mrs Christie was an accessory as far as i am concerned.

If she hadn't have been murdered by her husband, she would have been charged as such.
What amazed me, not having seen it for over 40 years, is how young the cast look, especially Robert Hardy, he is now 91.
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Ummmm already said earlier here that she hardly recognised John Hurt...He looked so young.

Favourite Attenborough film along with Flight Of The Phoenix which is a great watch and tense film.... James Stewart, Peter Finch, George Kennedy and Ernest Borgnine co-star and are all terrific.

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