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andy-hughes | 14:55 Mon 23rd Jan 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Am I right in thinking that the next series of Suits starts this Sunday?

Sorry, I should clarify - for those of us who have watched from Episode One, it's the new series, for the Daily Mail readers, it's Episode One of The Megan Markle Show.


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Yes after the mid season break I believe
Series 6 starts 29th Jan.
Never seen it and wouldn't recognise her, andy....but I do know that she sticks an "h" in her first name......
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gingebee - thanks for the correction - a typo on my part.

In no special order -

You are missing a wonderful drama series, I recommend you start at Series One because, in common with most intelligent US drama series, you are expected to know backgrounds to incidents which are unexplained because the fact that you have watched and understood and remembered, and are bright enough to keep up, is a given.

And you must be someone who does not read tabloid newspapers and has no interest whatsoever in the Royal Family.
Brilliant series but needs some explaining if you have only just discovered it. Better to go back and watch them all.

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