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Jennykenny | 08:12 Thu 01st Dec 2016 | Media & TV
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Am I correct in saying that the Guardian doesn't pay for interviews?


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Don't think any newspaper does that does it?
Depends what you mean by 'interview'.
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I was thinking about these footballers who have been abused and that most of them have contacted the Guardian, rather than the Sun or the Daily Mail, or even the Times??
All newspapers pay for interviews - the criteria is the interviewee and the subject matter.

So a footballer being interviewed about abuse would not be paid, but I am sure the tabloids are waiving six figures fees at Megan Markle to give them the inside track on her relationship with Prince Harry.
the tabloids will be waving them... the Guardian will be waiving them...

Nice jno!

That's because The Guardian understands the concept of the difference between the public interest and what interests the public.
am I right in thinking it was the Guardian who broke the story? (Apart from a TV documentary that did it years ago only nobody noticed.) In that case, the Guardian would be the natural place to go with your story; you'd trust them to take it seriously, and that's what nobody's done for years.
They'd certainly be able to pay for interviews if they wanted to - £2 for The Guardian on weekdays! Who on earth can pay that for a newspaper?
I may be wrong here, but apart from expenses, the Guardian doesn't pay for these kind of interviews. Why should they ?

Even if they did, I am not aware of anybody saying that the veracity of the evidence given by these ex-footballers is in any doubt.

Although it was the Guardian that "broke" this story to the public, investigations into Bennell by the Police, were ongoing in September, long before the first interview.

I watched the interview with David Eatock this morning, and the flood gates appears to have been well and truly opened. Lets hope the good example set by these troubled men ensures that this issue cannot be swept under the carpet again, as it has been in the past.

How many more abusers of boys are there out there ?

More importantly, how many of them are still active ?
there was an interview with Freddie Flintoff in the Standard tonight. I have no idea if it was paid for in money but they did run a paragraph at the end stating that he was a representative of some clothing company and had his own line of clothing. So in effect the paper ran a free ad for him by way of payment and wouldn't have got the interview otherwise.
jno...I can remember when the Standard wasn't free !

When I worked up in Town, the late 80's, I used to buy one on my way back to the Hotel, and then do the crossword in a pub somewhere. ( The Princess Louise was my favourite....great beer ! )

I wonder what happened to all those newspaper sellers, outside every main Tube station ?
I seem to remember another London evening paper. Was it the Evening News?
the News "merged with the Standard" (ie closed but some staff made the switch) long ago. The free Standards still need people - some just go in bins in stations but out on the street they're usually handed out by humans. I iamgine they're not paid much, though.

It had to go free because people were fed up with its moaning about how awful London was while seldom venturing beyond Chelsea. It now moans a lot less and isn't bad.

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