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silliemillie | 21:12 Tue 08th Nov 2016 | Media & TV
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Can any of you remember if Rebecca was at Chrissy and Robert's wedding.

I know she was mentioned but can't recall if she actually turned up or if she made some sort of usual Soap excuse.


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did she not say last week that she and Robert were at it in the loos the day of the wedding ???
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Ah, did she? Must have missed that bit. I thought she was there but the way they are talking it's as though they haven't seen her for several years.
Robert was at it with Aaron on his wedding day I think.... the loo thing with Rebecca must have been somewhere else.
Chrissy and Robert were already married when the White family moved to Emmerdale.
sure about Rebecca and Robert in loo as Rebecca was saying to Chrissy that was how much he had preferred her even on their wedding day...
don't know which loos !
Wherever they were......they weren't in Emmerdale.
don't think the wedding was screened just alluded to
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Oh what am I thinking of then? Must be other big event.
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Wasn't it on the same day as they killed Katie? Sure it was.
That was Katie and Andy's Wedding Day...
all a distant hazy memory ..must have been that
Apologies....I have that the wrong way round.

You're right, the wedding took place in Emmerdale and no, Rebecca was no where to be seen....

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Emmerdales Rebecca

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